Getting Started
Complete a one-time registration. You’ll need three items:
1. NRHA Member Number
3. Personal e-mail address*

*Each individual NRHA member will need a separate e-mail address to access ReinerSuite. Family members, including spouses and children, cannot share an e-mail if they want to access their individual records through ReinerSuite
New to NRHA?
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Like your instructions old school? ReinerSuite includes a simple, easy-to-use guide to help with key transactions.

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Welcome to ReinerSuite™!
ReinerSuite™ puts NRHA members at the reins for accessing information and conducting business. NRHA is leading the Western performance horse industry with this innovative, new member software that provides accurate, streamlined and convenient services on your phone, tablet or desktop.
Access your NRHA information from anywhere: the barn, saddle, an airplane, the show office.
Self Service
Do NRHA business over extended hours, 24/7 in many cases. No more waiting for business hours for most transactions.
Competition & Reports
Everything that was once done hard copy is now available online through ReinerSuite.
"Between the online memberships and the ability to do competition licenses ourselves, ReinerSuite has been a very helpful and simple process. Three or four clicks and it’s all done.”
-Shannon Rafacz
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