Corporate Partner - International Horse Press

International Horse Press (IHP) is the fastest growing European based media outlet since it was founded in 2018. Equestrian event coverage worldwide on reining, cutting, reined cow horse, rodeo, and English disciplines—with a careful eye on horses, breeders, and owners—reflects our motto: ‘We care, We create, We reach.’

Our experienced media team comprises writers, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers that have worked in the equestrian industry in Europe, North America and South America in the past three decades. Thanks to our professionals, we specialize in running major event press offices for both western and English equestrian events, as well as brand marketing.

International Horse Press also produces Blogs, Vlogs, and two bi-annual publications: IHP Year In Review, featuring the western performance industry, and IHP Jumping, featuring the English performance industry.

Social media networking through our International Horse Press, Cowboys News, IHP Jumping, and IHP website, provides news and appealing content to tens of thousands of equestrian followers all over the world.

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