Corporate Partner - Arcese Quarter Horses

To develop an outstanding breeding program, it starts with the highest quality broodmares. Arcese Quarter Horses, always with this vision fully in place, shopped the world market and has a set of broodmares that equal any in the performance horse business. Their focus, of course, has been on the reining world so the majority of the mares carry the pedigrees of the top-of-the-line horses in that world. With mares to brag on and a selection of the best stallions in the business, the development of the Arcese brand was well on its way.

The development of good young talent runs a parallel to the thousands of hours those Ferrari test cars spent on their own tracks. In the case of the Arcese brand, the hours were spent with young horses in the hands of trainers with talent and discrimination. This level of the program brought an outstanding number of wins, NRHA Futurity titles and aged event titles in every reining venue. The Arcese icon was born.